Turn down your photos opacity and look behind them
Graphite on paper

"The work Turn down your photos opacity and look behind them consists of three triptychs of drawings on paper. The author drew on photographs and images from postcards from his personal collection. In the process of transferring, the original images become virtually unrecognizable. Most of them look like negative photos, the details are not visible, only white silhouettes remain on a dark background, like a poor photocopy. Each image is accompanied by text describing the personal experience associated with it. The context becomes more vivid when we read the text next to a drawing made after a postcard with a photograph of two men kissing, which the author received as a gift. Among other things, he writes:… It was a mark of identity I was given, it was a sign how others will percieve me forever. At the time I didn’t know what this thing meant. Two men kissing on a postcard made me happy. Now this ambiguity scares me. … In all cases, the text tells how the image was created or came to the personal archive, the event that accompanies it and the current reflection with which it connects. Past events and situations that we treat as accidental may, in retrospect, seem to be the key moments in which our identity was formed. Images have the power to evoke memories, carry promises that will not come true, and carry challenging questions we don’t know we will face in the future. Sometimes they seem more real than reality itself."
-Nina Skumavc, P74 Gallery