A place is a place is a place
Site specific action / net art
The project deals with the notion of space and place in today, when these terms represent more subjective fragments that can but do not have to be interconnected. It re-examines the term virtual realities, paradigms of this phenomenon and marks mistakes in a system that presents itself as a realistic representation of physical space. The first part involves putting together personal photos of the area where i live on impersonal facades of the same spaces which I then upload online on google map platform as objective documentation of real space. Once uploaded, these photos remain on display and can only be viewed in that virtual space, while they were never in the physical. The second part of the project deals with the reverse procedure. It implies finding errors when assembling 360 photos degrees on the google maps platform which I then extract, print and set up to places in physical space where they are in the virtual.

📍Jurija gagarina 112, Beograd
📍Null images, Dusana vukasovica 59, Beograd
📍Stras Blok 61, Dr Ivana Ribara 73, Beograd
📍posts of Serbia, Jurija Gagarina 94, Beograd